Central Cash Register

Central Cash Register

" we keep them ringing ....."

" we keep them ringing ....."


Coin Sorters:


Target Market

Best Features

Basic Specifications

Coin sorting machine CS-600A  is a heavy duty coin sorter.


We can customize this coin sorting machine for Various coins. It's suitable for bank, gaming industry, Supermarket use...

Optional Serial Printer:




For Printing the counted result, total Quantity,

total value, the Quantity of each denomination, etc.


Show the Total Qty:







Quantity of each Demoninations, Value of each Denominations and total Value.


Presorting Tray:







Optional Tube & Bag Adoptor:







for Packing the counted Coins in Bag or in premade paper Tube.


Operation Panel:













Quick and easy to use, 8 Digits LED


Counting speed:

600 Coins / Min


Hopper Capacity:

600 pcs


Code Of Coin Type:



Countable Coin Size:

Thickness: 1.0-3.2mm

Diameter : 14-34mm


Power Consumption:



Power Requirements:

AC 110V 60Hz or AC220V 50Hz.



605(L) X 385(W) X 410(H)mm


Gross Weight/Carton:

23Kg / ctn


Transportation Packing:

1 units / carton


Carton Dimensions:

62 x 40 x 41cm

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