Central Cash Register

Central Cash Register

" we keep them ringing ....."

" we keep them ringing ....."


Money Counters:


Target Market

Best Features

Basic Specifications

KX-088B Money Counter


Available currencies: ZAR,EUR,GBP,USD,RUB,INR,PLN,CNY and BRL,etc.

Approved: CE

Options of Counterfeit-detections: UV,MG,(magneric ink),MT(metal thread),IR(infrared) and size detection

Options of ounting ways:Mix counting,Value counting,Sort counting or counting

LED display

User-friendly front panel with numreic keyboad and function keys

Adjustable counting Speed: 900,1200 and 1500 bills per minute

Large hopper capacity of 300 nots

Stacker Capacity of 200 nots

Add & Batch function

Half,joint and double nots function

Auto-start & Stop function

Suitable for banknotes: ZAR,EUR,USD,INR,SUR,MXP,GBP,KWD,CLP,EGP,PLZ,CHF,PLN,SEk,etc.One machine can be for one more currencies

External display (optional)

Print output for option,printing cunting infomation.



Power consumption:<60W

Inner box size:327L×317W×295H mm(1pcs)

Unit gross weight:5.5Kg

Outer package size:650L×340W×315H mm(2pcs)

CTN gross weight:12Kg

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