Gprinter GP-1125


Target Market

Powerful Full, Convenient, Small-footprint Barcode Label Printer.
GP-1125 resolution is 203DPI.

  There is 2 different models:
GP-1125T which support Altron or Argox Emulation.
GP-1125Z which support Zebra Emulation.

Best Features

- 203 dpi (8 dots/mm) resolutions; Ultra high print speed 5ips(127mm/sec).
- Support Direct Thermal & Thermal Transfer two modes.
- 4 interface designed for multiple requirements.
- 120mm wide paper exit for option more wide label rolls.
- External paper holder are optional for Φ8.4“ industral-grade large roll.
- Supports 300 meter ribbon

Basic Specifications


Weight: 2.09KG

Power supply:
Input: AC 110-240V
Output: DC 24V 2.5A,60W
(built-in power adapter)

Work environment:temperature 5~40℃ (41~104℉),humidity 25~85%
Storage:temperature-40~60℃ (-40~140℉),humidity 10~90%


Print specification:
  Dot density: 203dots/inch(8dots/mm)
Print method: 203dots/inch(8dots/mm)
Print method: Ribbon/Thermal
Dot size(W×L): 0.125×0.125 mm (1 mm = 8 dots)
Print speed(inch/s): 2~5 inch/s
Maximum print width: 108 mm(4.25")
Maximum print length: 2286 mm(90")
Pulse excitation: 1*108 pulse
Thermal film(reliability): 50KM

Ribbon specification:
  Ribbon diameter: Max. 67 mm
Ribbon length: 300m
Ribbon axis size: 1 inch (25.4 mm)
Ribbon width: Max. 110 mm Min. 30 mm
Ribbon winding method: outward winding

Paper specification:
Model: GP-1125T/GP-1125Z
Paper roll diameter(Max.): 127 mm(5")OD
Paper type: Continuous paper , paper with interspaces , folding paper ,black mark paper
Paper rolling up method: Printing side outward rolling / inward rolling
Paper width: Max.120 mm(4.72")
(upper & bottom paper): Min.20 mm(0.78")
The thickness of the paper: Max.0.254 mm(10 mil)
(upper & bottom paper): Min.0.06 mm(2.36 mil)
Paper roll axis size: 25.4 mm~38 mm(1"~1.5")
Label length: 10~2286 mm(0.39"~90")
Remark: If label length less than 25.4mm(1 inch), label paper with perforations are recommended, labels can be torn off easily.
Gap size: Min.2 mm(0.09")

  Editing Software: Nicelabel SE

Windows 2000、XP、Vista、Windows 7/8/8.1/10、Windows Server 2003 & 2008

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